George G Smith Jr. | The words and works of George G Smith Jr
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The Work and Words
of George G Smith Jr

The Devil is a Lie




The Devil is a Lie || Digital Photo Manipulation

Playing around with dichotomies and the hidden things under the surface of everything.

Edgar Degas

The work of Degas has always been some of my favorite.  I’ve spent a lot of time admiring the impressionist’s paintings while visiting the Met.

034-edgar-degas-theredlist DT1853

Yoshimi: The story of a relationship told through Bear

I wanted to immortalize the place that Yoshimi has in my relationship with Alana. It’s not easy to explain but it’s so very much a part of how we’ve communicated throughout the past few years. It’s symbolizes the fun that we have in our relationship. It symbolizes the caring and comfort that we provide each other during the down times. It’s what we do to help keep us close even when the miles are far apart. Making this book is something that we’re doing together – bringing together fond memories and capturing our life prior to our wedding. Telling the story of what it was like when we were dating through the only language that felt appropriate: bear.

Here’s some of the initial page layouts and designs. The copy is all still TBD, as we are working to built it together. Still, it’s been fun to bring it to life…

Tavi Gevinson


I’m not shy to admit that an 18 year old woman is one of the people in the world that inspires me. Tavi Gevinson is, easily, in the top 5 people alive right now that I would want to meet and have a conversation with…about anything and everything.

Read this post that she wrote when she was 15 about the first encounters with the Male Gaze. If you don’t fall in love with this woman’s mind, then I probably have very little in common with you. By the way, she wrote that when she was 15…

Anyone in love with you (Already Knows)


A New Book. New Inspiration. This year has been about finding the different things that inspire me to start to create. To find the medium for the things I have to say. Items like this book, “Anyone in Love with You (Already Knows)” by Chad Moore are pieces of that inspiration that will hopefully come together into what I’m searching for.

Making Choices by Not Making Choices

I had a discussion with my dad that revolved around this bit of fact: Life is a constant choice. What to do with it? How you react to things? How you view the world? Over the past few months, I’ve thought about that on every level. Professionally. Personally. Family. Love. Passions.

I’m not any further in developing the next steps in most of those things. But I know I’m choosing to not make any decisions – to not react on the whims that I used to be fueled by – and that, in and of itself, is a choice.

Rehearsal Invite Design


One of my favorite things about getting married is the little design projects that Alana and I had to do together. We both have a very similar design aesthetic – something that should totally be added to the requirements of a good couple – and it’s been such an easy process putting it all together.

This rehearsal invite was a bit more me. I wanted something simple and modern and took cues from one of my favorite design memes – the helvetica list/Roll Call.

I first discovered it back in my Okayplayer days and Questlove had a shirt with the original members of New Edition on it. It had to have been before Feb of 2004, because he can be seen wearing it in the famous John Mayer skit on the Chappelle Show – but I remember seeing a picture or something with that shirt prior to that. Regardless, apparently the origins go back to around 2001 – according to this article on Design Memes/The Helvetica List on How Design.

I’ve owned various versions of this shirt over the years – the Kendrick Lamar verse from Big Sean’s Control.

Alana came in with the suggestion of the heart – which really completes the design. I had sent it to her and felt that it was a bit staid for a fun event. She suggested taking the heart from the informational side of the invite and cropping it in instead of the ampersand between our names. It was a inspired suggestion and brought it together perfectly. Just that hint of color and the emotive aspect of the heart really make this feel much more like a special occasion than the roll call list would be on it’s own. They came out perfectly – printing done by – are arriving on the doorsteps of our close family and friends as I write this. Only a few more months before the big event and it’s becoming more real by the minute…