George G Smith Jr. | The Process
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How Mistakes Take Us to New Places

From Tripping into Terra Incognita: How Mistakes Take Us To New Places :: Tips :: The 99 Percent

“In fact, the history of invention is full of significant leaps that resulted from mistakes or happy accidents. Charles Goodyear, while demonstrating a sample of his rubber mixture, accidentally dropped the sample on a hot stove and noticed that the parts that hadn’t charred were strong and flexible, at that moment inventing the process for vulcanizing rubber. And in 1879 Constantin Fahlberg, while investigating the properties of coal tar, forgot to wash his hands after work and then ate a piece of bread, finding it unaccountably sweet. When he realized the sweetness had come from the dust on his hands, he discovered the first artificial sweetener, saccharin.”

The Voice of a Deathless Song

“So what’s all of this?  Empty callow words – drivel, scribbles written by a madman in the dark.  These are words with no meaning, no subject matter; devoid of plot, characterization, and coherence.  This is not about love.  This is catharsis, purgation, a purification of the soul.  This isn’t about fate or the implications of such.  This is just a chronicle of mistakes, errors, miscalculations that leaves one off course and alone.  No, this isn’t about love. This is about the truth – my truth.  A truth that has its perspective from the moment an event occurred.  This is a truth that evolves with each passing day, with each moment that undulates in the shade and shadow of memory.  This is a truth that no longer exists.

This is all a lie.”

Excerpt from some creative writing I found of mine from about 5 years ago. There was a time when I felt like my writing was worth reading. That seems like so long ago. It’s funny how I used to pride myself on my ability to write interesting diatribes on my nothing filled days. Now, I struggle to form complete sentences about all these contradictory feelings that I have inside. I’m searching for things – a whole slew of things that I can’t even begin to describe – and ultimately I’m coming up with nothing. Not even the comfort of words to describe the fruitless process…