George G Smith Jr. | The Process
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There is beauty in the subway tunnels
There is grace is the garbage can ballets
There is love in the dark places of fleeting glances

Coffee and Coding

For most people, holidays and vacation days are a time for relaxing. For me, I like to “relax” by trying to teach myself something new. This site felt a bit neglected, so I revamped it after a marathon coffee and coding session at Why Not Cafe on Orchard St in the Lower East Side.


The coffee – Blue Bottle, of course – is probably the reason I am still up at 2am trying to troubleshoot some small, pesky things that are left to do on the site. It’s ironic – a very intense 12+ hours of work – and yet I feel more relaxed. I think the singular focus is nice. Being able to dive into one project instead of juggling many is a nice change of pace.