George G Smith Jr. | The Process
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Work in Progress: Captain American Flag


I’ve always struggled with my political feelings. Very left leaning with capitalistic tendencies doesn’t always allow for simple political compromises. Still, if there is one thing that I am almost always willing to stand against is war.

America is a violent country and this century has started with seemingly endless foreign conflict. The flag, in all of its glory, has continued to morph in meaning all over the world. This art project is not to serve as commentary on how our national symbol has shifted foreign perception – although I can see why some would say that – it’s how it’s shifted perception here. As a country, our flag and patriotism has now combined to create the picture of a stubborn nation, built not on understanding or pride but built on the inability to let go…

The issue of Captain America is from Vol 7, issue 11. It was chosen specifically because I felt there were parts of this issue that brought these feelings to life. The character Nuke and his stubborn proclamation of American not losing any wars. But also Captain America, looking at the years of collectibles from a time when the nation galvanized together to defeat ultimate evil in WWII. At the end of the issue, Captain America burns the nostalgia, releasing himself from a past he was holding on to. As a nation, I believe for us to truly move forward, we need to release ourselves from the symbols and stubbornness that plague us, that create stubborn ideals, that create a violent culture without the nuance or capacity for a reasonable outlet. This is what drove me to create this, and whether the art piece brings to life my vision or not is in the eye of the viewer. It’s still not finished – hoping to add a lot to it – but the intent is here. The reason I felt compelled to create…