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The Devil is a Lie




The Devil is a Lie || Digital Photo Manipulation

Playing around with dichotomies and the hidden things under the surface of everything.

Yoshimi: The story of a relationship told through Bear

I wanted to immortalize the place that Yoshimi has in my relationship with Alana. It’s not easy to explain but it’s so very much a part of how we’ve communicated throughout the past few years. It’s symbolizes the fun that we have in our relationship. It symbolizes the caring and comfort that we provide each other during the down times. It’s what we do to help keep us close even when the miles are far apart. Making this book is something that we’re doing together – bringing together fond memories and capturing our life prior to our wedding. Telling the story of what it was like when we were dating through the only language that felt appropriate: bear.

Here’s some of the initial page layouts and designs. The copy is all still TBD, as we are working to built it together. Still, it’s been fun to bring it to life…