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Anyone in love with you (Already Knows)


A New Book. New Inspiration. This year has been about finding the different things that inspire me to start to create. To find the medium for the things I have to say. Items like this book, “Anyone in Love with You (Already Knows)” by Chad Moore are pieces of that inspiration that will hopefully come together into what I’m searching for.

Making Choices by Not Making Choices

I had a discussion with my dad that revolved around this bit of fact: Life is a constant choice. What to do with it? How you react to things? How you view the world? Over the past few months, I’ve thought about that on every level. Professionally. Personally. Family. Love. Passions.

I’m not any further in developing the next steps in most of those things. But I know I’m choosing to not make any decisions – to not react on the whims that I used to be fueled by – and that, in and of itself, is a choice.

What I’m Reading: Faking Cultural Literacy


“We have outsourced our opinions to this loop of data that will allow us to hold steady at a dinner party, though while you and I are ostensibly talking about “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” what we are actually doing, since neither of us has seen it, is comparing social media feeds. Does anyone anywhere ever admit that he or she is completely lost in the conversation? No. We nod and say, “I’ve heard the name,” or “It sounds very familiar,” which usually means we are totally unfamiliar with the subject at hand.”

via The New York Times