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CAPTAIN AMERICAN FLAG: Mixed Media on Canvas



  • In Defense of the Stagnant Blog

    Is it better to have a robust blog full of your thoughts and insights or be so busy getting paid for your thoughts and insights that you don’t have the time or energy to blog? I’m looking to blog more but finding that balance and......


  • Riccardo Tisci

    Great interview with one of the people I respect the most in the art/fashion/design world: Riccardo Tisci on Yahoo...


/The Process

  • Yoshimi: The story of a relationship told through Bear

    I wanted to immortalize the place that Yoshimi has in my relationship with Alana. It’s not easy to explain but it’s so very much a part of how we’ve communicated throughout the past few years. It’s symbolizes the fun that we have in our relationship.......

/Arts and Culture

  • Fashion and Gender

    I’ve always been obsessed with the way gender, sexuality, masculinity, femininity and all the other inputs effect our society. ¬†Great article from NY Fashion week on the way some of these thoughts and politics are starting to come to life in the art of fashion:......


  • Laphroaig Opinions

    Laphroaig launched an “Opinions” campaign on their website which was very interesting. I had some members of my team fill things out and it was good to see them embrace some colorful and potentially “negative” reviews of their product. Above is an example ...


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